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U. S. Army1945the Same Stamp Tent, 2 X 1/2 Pup With Triangular Ends On Both Side

ARMY TENT, 2 X HALF 1/2 (Pup Tent) SHELTER 1945 WWII WAR. Soldier carried a half shelter (1/2). Two shelter would be joined up to form a tent. And the 2 has talk powder as protective from the year. It has the original strings. THERE ARE NO PEGS AND NO POLES WITH THE TENTS. I can find marking and numbers and the 2 x 1/2 the same factory. MANUFACTURIED BY DADE AWNING CO. 1945 This shelter have triangular ends on both sides. The one has small stain red and white color, missing the one button, but I have similar. The second has a very small split. This is 100%GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC You can see...
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