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Original U. S. Wwii Army Signal Corps An/prs-1 Mine Detector Set In Transit Chest

   WWII Army Signal Corps AN/PRS-1 Mine Detector Set in Transit Chest. Original Item: Good condition 1944 dated U. Army Signal Corps mine detector set AN/PRS-1. It comes in the original chest that measures 28 x 15 x 9 1/2 inches. The AN/PRS-1 mine detector is a late WWII metallic and non-metallic mine detector. It used a 280 to 320 Mhz signal to detect non-uniformities in the ground. According to the technical manual, TM11-1151, it is meant to detect anti-tank mines buried less than 7.5 inches below ground. We believe it to be complete but could be missing parts, particularly the ...
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