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Ww2 Us Army Complete Closed Flaps Tent 1944-45 2xhalves 2xpoles Late Od

   WW2 US Army COMPLETE Closed Type Late War Tent. In OD color dated 1944-45. 2x Halves with flaps on both ends. Although showed in the photos at the moment we have run out of wooden pegs. Original Poles included in the set are the Early war type. ORIGINAL USGI articulated combined of 3 shorter pieces. Webbing is strong, stitching is strong, finish on the metal buckles is very good. This is not a new item. VG Condition price is for one complete TENT. Due to Covid there might be some delays which is normal. The item "WW2 US Army COMPLETE Closed Flaps Tent 1944-45 2xHalves 2xPoles LATE...
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