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U. S. Armywwii 1944-wool Mummy Sleeping Bag & Water Repellent Case (a Bag Cover)

Wool Mummy Sleeping Bag &. Water Repellent Case or (a sleeping bag cover). ARMY : WWII 1944 Wool Mummy Sleeping Bag - Dated 1944. I can 1 tiny hole from the year. I can find marking : BAG SLEEPING WOOL B & N HAT CO. It is about 75 inches or 190 cm LONG. WITH : original Water Repellent Case or (a sleeping bag cover) small split on it, with very faded marking.   

U. S. Armywwii 10th Mtn Felt Double Buckle Boots Artic Issue Militaria- Ex. Large

ARMY- 10TH MNT FELT DOUBLE BUCKLE BOOTS ARTIC ISSUE 1041 - 1945 WWII. Military issue double buckle felt Arctic Issue BOOTS, WWII 10TH MNT, SIZE : EX. ATTENTION:very good condition and never used before. I can find small rips from the year, and little dirty. (I have put photos where you can see exactly what i mean). I can find marking and numbers on the 2 boots : A. LARGE, white color, canvas and leather. Under is about : 14 inches or 36cm, and inside is about 12,5 inches or 32 cm. Shoelaces and buckles are fully intact. ATTENTION: These boots are depicted on page 49 of the WWII GI, U. You ...
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