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1943 Wwii Bulova Military A-11 10akcsh Army Air Force Original Trench Art Runs

   1944 WWII Bulova Military A-11 AF44 AIR FORCE WWll ORIGINAL Trench Art Runs. This is a very unique and rare piece. The watch itself is rare, but the fact that it comes on a trench art band from WWII is even more fantastic. The band appears to be made out of aircraft aluminum or a canteen, but I cant be sure. If says SOUTH PACIFIC 1945. The watch itself is a 1943 military model. It probably needs a serviced as it sometimes runs for a few days, and sometimes a few hours. Not sure if I need to wind it more or what, but Im sure this could use a servicing due to its age. Case and bezel ...

1944 Elgin Military A-11 Af Us Army Af45 Air Force Ww2 Original Dial 539 Runs

  1944 Elgin Military A-11 AF US ARMY AF45 AIR FORCE WW2 ORIGINAL DIAL MINT RUNS. This original watch was issued to members of the US Army air corps. Original patina 32mm case features the beautiful coin edge bezel. Seconds, hours and 24 hour markers are visible on the radium painted dial. Original acrylic crystal shows minimal superficial scratching with no deep gouges or marks. The watch winds, runs and keeps excellent time during a 24 hour test period. The crown snaps in and out definitively, the Elgin 539 movement hacks, and the winding and time setting features feel smooth and crisp....
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