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Vintage Us Army Air Force Wwii Type D-3 Stalling Speed Signal Assembly Gauge

   Some cosmetic scratching and imperfections, but all labels and graphics look amazing considering the age. The module was used in training versions of pursuit aircraft with instrument flying hoods installed, such as the P-40. Pitot-statically-driven as evidenced by its rear ports marked S (static pressure) and P (pitot pressure), the unit would automatically release the instrument flying hood when the aircraft approaches airspeed limits, lower or upper from 100-400 MPH, which could lead to a stall, as set by the pilot, or by the ground crew pre-flight. This gaugel would make an excellent...

Ww2 Us Army Air Force Type C-1 Survival Vest Unisize Mfg Aircraft Appliances

Us Army Air Force Seat Aaf Ww2 Aircraft

US army Air Force Seat AAF Ww2 Aircraft.   

Ww2 Army Field Jacket 1940's Military Tattered Mended Militaria Air Force Patch

WW2 Army Field Jacket 1940's Military Tattered Mended Militaria Air Force Patch. Condition and measurements shown in photos. Wear & tear shown in photos. Small holes shown in photos.   

Original 1940's Wwii Army Air Force Pilot's Type A-11 Leather Flying Helmet

For your consideration a vintage 1940's leather helmet. Leather is still pliable and has not been cleaned or oiled. Found in the estate of a WWII veteran. Please examine pictures for condition.   

Original Ww2 Wwii Usaaf Us Army Air Force Patches 9th 1st 8th 20th Cadet Bomber

Beautiful set, includes the glass display case. Perfect for any history buff or those who want the emblems of real American heros. These are the standard USAAF patches for the various Commands - including one Specialty Patch (Bomb) and an Air Cadet patch. Worn by all assigned to the WWII Army Air Force. The 8th where 26,000 brave men were killed and 28,000 were taken prisoner. The 20th which dropped the two atomic bombs on Japan and ended WW-2. This is an original set of WW2 USAAF US Army Air Force Patches, including the 9th, 1st, 8th, 20th cadet bomber patches. These patches are a great ...

Ww2 Raf Us Army Air Force Corp Usaf Aviation Bombsight Type Mark Iii With Xiv Gyro

   WW2 RAF US Army Air Force Corp USAF aviation Bombsight type Mark III w/ XIV GYRO. Also known as the Royal Air Force Angular Velocity sight. This piece was desgined for attacks by aircraft flying below 1,000 feet (300 meters) in altitude. It combined componens of the Mark XIV bomb sight but with a new mechanical computer when first implemented. It featured a unique solution for timing the drop, projecting a moving display onto a reflector sight which matched the apparent motion of the target at the right instant. The MK III was designed for and mostly used by Coastal Command aircraft ...

Rare Wwii Us Army Air Force Corps Mechanics Lrg Flight Travel Bag Case & Journal

   Up for sale is an AMAZING Rare Original Vintage 1940s WWII Era Large US Army Air Force Corps Mechanics Flight Travel Bag Case, with original hangers included and previous owners mechanical Journal. This exceptional piece belonged to WWII VET, US Army Staff Sargent "Edward Busta", his name appears on the leather patch on the front and his journal. This piece is absolutely INCREDIBLE, it maintains original US Air Force Army Wings / decals. Made from leather and heavy canvas. Condition is outstanding for its age, this piece has been very well preserved, zips work well, no rips or tears but ...

Wwii Army Air Force B-24 Liberator Aircraft At India In 1945, Original Slide O9b

There are faint blemishes and scratches mainly to the top half of the film and there is bowing to the film. My slides can be searched for by a specific subject and place. So, a known place like a city/town, state, country, park, etc. Will be listed in the title. The only exception to this is United States will not be listed in the title, you will need to search by state or city. Also, if it is a stereo slide, stereo will be listed in the title. I do not sell scans, only the actual slides themselves.   

Wwii Era Army Air Forces Desert Air Force (daf) Bullion Patch Italian Made

Condition: nice condition for its age. Look over pictures to see the exact item you will receive and to determine the overall condition of this item.   


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