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Wwii Spare Parts Box Bx-31-a With Tubes U. S. Army

Original Ww2 Australian Army No 108 Mk Iii Radio Spare Valves In Box, Rare

   T hese are the only Spare Valves for the No 108 Mk III Wireless Radio Ive ever seen available for sale. This radio was an Australian Army field radio used during WW2. This Box contains 3 glass valves, and have markings made in Australia and have the Department of Defence stamping. I dont have the radio, so I dont know if they work or not, but Id assume that these were never used. T his is an incredibly rare example of military equipment that was not meant to survive nearly 80 years. Its probably one of only a handful left in the world, but this is the only one Ive ever seen. I'm always...
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