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Original Military Airborne Helmet Ssh40 Steel Ww2 Soviet Army Rkka Wwii Landing

   Military Soviet Army WWII SSh-40 type. The helmet have scratches - see all photos carefully. The original Soviet helmet of the Great Patriotic War, without restoration. Knocked out a star on the helmet visor /. A strap with rivets are clearly visible, which indicates that it is an early type, there is a factory knocked out short number 1-488, original the lining. VERY RARE, 1 size, it can be seen from everything that it was worn during the WW2. Near the stamp indicates that it was repaired at the factory in 1949y. Dimensions: 270/245/165 mm - 10.4 / 9.6. The weight is 1,250kg / ...

World War 2 Normandy Landing Us And Allies Army Wwii Photo World War Original

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