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Ww2 Japanese Army Gogles W Case Original

Original WW2 Japanese Army issue goggles Complete w original leather case. Used by motorcyclist and tank crew man. Goggles are in excellent condition u issued. The case has some wear stitching is nice and tight.   

World War Ii Imperial Japanese Army Camouflage Net Rare Three-color Authentic

For sale is an authentic World War II Imperial Japanese Army camouflage net. This rare three-color camouflage net was used by the Japanese Army to blend into natural surroundings. Unlike other nations, Japan did not develop extensive camouflage patterns, so soldiers relied on nets like this one, adorned with leaves and branches. The net shows signs of use and age, including minor scratches, scuffs, and stains, but it remains in generally good condition. Please note that the uniform in the last image is for reference only and is not included with the net. This piece of history is perfect for...

Wwii Ww2 Japanese Army Antique Naval Cloak For Noncommissioned Officers

Wwii Imperial Japanese Army Extreme Cold Coat With Detachable Sleeves

   Ww2 imperial Japanese army overcoat. Delve into the robust history of WWII with this Imperial Japanese Army extreme cold-weather coat, tailored for the harsh climates faced by soldiers. Made in 1943 and marked by the original factory inspection, this coat is a remarkable collector's piece, combining functionality and history. Authentic Issue: Factory-inspected in 1943, designated large size, with signs of unused condition yet with some stains. Innovative Design: Features detachable sleeves - originally sleeveless for sentry duty and long marches, sleeves were added to prevent ...

Wwii Imperial Japanese Army Medical Officer's Lace-up Boots, Rare Collectible

   Offered here is a rare pair of World War II-era lace-up boots used by a Japanese Army medical officer, identified inside as'Ishii'. These boots are not only a piece of military history but also a unique artifact from a time when medical personnel were scarce in the Japanese forces. Historical Significance: Used by an army medical officer during World War II, showcasing the critical role of medical staff in wartime. Condition: The boots show signs of wear, including fraying on the tongue of the left boot (see image 9). Overall length is approximately 29cm (see image 4). Actual size...

Original Wwii Ww2 Japanese Army Uniform Tunic With Ribbons And Medal Bar

Up for sale is a great original WW2 japanese tunic. I believe this is a summer top. Has some neck insignia that's made of wool, but has some damage. Has ribbons as well as the medal bar. For a smaller guy, probably 5'2-5'4. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time!   

What Happened To The Japanese Soldiers After Wwii

Wwii Japanese Soldiers Army Helmet Cover

Look at pictures for condition. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the item.   

Wwii Imperial Japanese Army Ija Officers Service Visor Hat With Star Repair / Re

   WWII Imperial Japanese Army IJA Officers Service Visor Hat w/ Star - Repair. WWII Imperial Japanese Army IJA Officers Service Visor Hat w/ Star - Repair / Restoration - Overall Average to Poor. Condition as Photographed with mothing and damage as seen (cap is stiff), a candidate for repair / restoration - Could be made to display well. Recent Estate Acquisition & Presented as Acquired. Check back often - we search estates and sources across the world to bring a fine selection of militaria. Please review all photos for details regarding the condition of the item listed - further ...

Clean Original Wwii / Ww2 Imperial Japanese Army Enlisted & Reservist Visor Cap

   Clean Original WWII / WW2 Japanese Army Enlisted & Reservist Visor Cap. Here is a fairly clean Imperial Japanese Army, or IJA, visor hat from the WWII period or earlier, to most likely be worn either in rear areas or on garrison duty. Enlisted soldiers and reservists wore essentially the same model of cap in outward appearance, with reservists themselves being IJA veterans. These reservists were to be called upon in time of need and were to appear at meetings in uniform. This particular example is made of coarse olive uniform wool, complimented by a stamped army star and red ...


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