Wwii Army Men's Military 40s Cavalry Infantry Riding Boots Original Size 7.5 Ww2

Some scuffs, scratching and cracking throughout but only adds character to these amazing boots.   

Ninety Year Old Ww2 Army Veterans Reunite In Normandy Shorts

How Do World War Ii Re Enactors Know If They Get Shot Part 1

Original Wwii Us Army M1928 Combat Field Haversack Field Backpack-od#3

Vintage Wwii Era Army Air Forces 12k Gold Filled Aviator Sunglasses

Original Wwii Us Army Mountain Pants 10th Div 34x32

Nice pair, tag is faded out, no fraying, all zippers are in good working order.   

Wwii Us Army Engineer Map Reading Level With Leather Case 40s

WWII era US Army engineer's map reading level with leather case in used condition. The level is a two piece set inside case with leather strap. The case measures 11.5" x 2" x 2. There are a few scratches or marks on the larger of the two pieces. The glass is partially broken in one corner and has a small dent on the metal of the smaller piece. There is some white coloration on the needle inside the glass. There are also a few cracks in the leather on the strap and some green discoloration on some of the metal button attachments. Please look through photos to get a good idea of overall ...

Original Wwii Us Army Winter M1938 Mackinew Jeep Jacket- Medium/large 42r

Ww2 Wwii Gc Charging Set 1944 Military Army Generator Mb Gpw War Jeep Dukw

Wwii Us Army Haversack English Made Dated 1944

WWII US Army Haversack English Made Dated 1944. Rare English made with English hardware and linen material interior.   


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